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Firearms Offenses and Other Weapons Charges

Trial Attorney Represents Individuals Facing Firearms Charges

Allegations of illegal weapon possession can carry stiff penalties. If you’re facing gun or other weapons charges in Ohio, we ensure that our clients’ rights are secured at every stage. You need an attorney who understands the relevant statutes and the constitutional issues.

The United States Supreme Court has held that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution confers a fundamental right to individual gun ownership for purposes of defending oneself and one’s family within the sanctity of the home. Self-defense is considered a natural right which has been honored and respected long before the existence of our constitutional republic. If someone unlawfully invades or attempts to breach the home, the People retain the right to use whatever force is necessary to eliminate the threat. Without the right to defend ourselves and our families the remainder of our constitutional rights are worthless.

If you are charged with a weapons violation, it is likely that police and prosecutors will not only attempt to prosecute you with that crime, but they may also seek forfeiture of your weapon, especially if that weapon is a firearm.

We have the experience to handle these cases

If you’ve been charged or arrested on a gun charge or other weapon issue, The Law Offices of Christopher Scott Maher can safeguard your rights for all types of allegations, including:

  • Illegal discharge of a weapon
  • Violation of concealed carry provisions
  • Use of prohibited or modified weapons
  • Improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle
  • Unlawful weapon use in a self-defense situation
  • Aggravation of other criminal charges due to weapon use or display

No matter the specific circumstances of your case, we have the background to explain your legal situation clearly and the dedication and skill to help deliver the best possible result.

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