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False Accusations Are Made Against Good People Every Day

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At The Law Offices of Christopher Scott Maher we know that law enforcement cannot be relied upon to thoroughly investigate your case. We know this because the United States Constitution says so. In fact, the Constitution, particularly its first ten amendments—known as the Bill of Rights–is rooted in a profound distrust of authority, especially law enforcement.

If All Criminal Accusations Were True We Would Not Need a Court System

The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the Assistance of Counsel to an accused person. In cases where liberty is a stake, the accused is also afforded the right to Trial by Jury. Defense counsel and the Jury share a role. Both are essential components of the American system of checks and balances because both take on the duty of testing the government’s evidence. Most Americans are shocked when they discover the sickening truth: the vast majority of criminal allegations are not vetted or scrutinized in any meaningful way before formal charges are lodged.

People lie. They make mistakes. They cut corners. These are facts.

Our dedicated legal team vigorously defends individuals against a wide range of accusations while keeping your interests paramount.  Once we accept a case, law enforcement will have to come through us to get to you. We will actually investigate your case. We will not cut corners.

Law Enforcement Wants to Trick You into Waiving Your Rights

Unfortunately, our court system permits law enforcement to lie to criminal suspects. These deceptions are used to trick people into waiving the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. The police want you to make statements or comments that they will later take out of context or twist in ways that create the appearance of guilt or suggest a lack of remorse.

These tactics are also used by the police as they try to obtain authority to search your vehicle, your home, your belongings–even your own body. They will not tell you that they are trained to convey the impression that you must comply with their demands, even when their demands are entirely without reasonable suspicion or probable cause. They will not tell you that you are free to walk away; they will not tell you that you can drive away; they will not tell you that you can lawfully refuse to speak with them; they will not tell you that you can deny them entry into your home.

Law enforcement may also suggest to you that only a guilty person would engage the assistance of a defense lawyer. This is because they don’t want their deceptive tactics, which often ensnare the innocent, to be disrupted by a knowledgeable lawyer.

At The Law Offices of Christopher Scott Maher, we are committed to seeking the justice you deserve. Using thoughtful preparation and strict attention to detail, our efforts focus on achieving the best possible outcome for you. We interview witnesses, comb through records, thoroughly examine the supposed evidence, and if necessary, we litigate your case in court in a Trial by Jury

At our firm, we know that your freedom and the well-being of your loved ones are your most important concerns. If you want a defense attorney who will protect you and provide an unwavering dedication to your case, please contact us today.

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