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When it Come to Allegations of Assault, Law Enforcement Investigations are Frequently Incomplete and Riddled with Errors

Various types of criminal assault statutes exist in Ohio, including felonious assault, simple assault, aggravated assault, negligent assault, and assault on a peace officer.

With allegations of this nature, the disturbing truth is usually the first person to contact the police following a physical altercation will be reflexively categorized as the “victim” by law enforcement. Likewise, all too often the person who suffers the most significant injury will be labeled as the “victim.”  These life-altering judgments are made every day in Ohio under circumstances entirely devoid of any meaningful investigation. Because the government does not like to admit they make mistakes, these errors can ruin the lives of innocent folks.

We Will Dig Deep into the Case to Understand and Explain Your Side

When we take command of your case, we will explore all potential avenues in our effort to achieve a favorable result for you. This includes self-defense, defense of another, alibi, and mistaken identification. Under the appropriate circumstances, we can stop a prosecution in its tracks. In all cases we will conduct a detailed investigation into the entire predicament so we are prepared to advance your theory of what really occurred.

Even if a Person has Broken the Law, Assault Charges are Usually Over-Charged by the Police and Prosecutors

Because assault charges in particular are often over-charged by the police and prosecutors, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who is not gripped with fear when discussing your case with prosecutors, police, judges, witnesses, and–if necessary–the jury. At The Law Offices of Christopher Scott Maher we have the experience and knowledge to understand the distinctions between the many levels of criminal assault.

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